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DN2100 & DN2400 Precast Chambers

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FP McCann designs and manufactures a bespoke range of reinforced chambers capable of housing most sizes of flow control/valves. Chambers consist of a precast concrete sealed sump manhole with factory-fitted saddles/flat walls to house the valve, and are used in the management of water. 
Applications include: Stormbrake Flow Control Chamber & Catchpit
Catchpit ChamberStormbrake Flow Control Chamber



Product Benefits


  • Immediate Water tight structure
  • Reduced Installation time/costs
  • Accommodates connection to most types of pipes
  • Off-site SuDS solution
  • Bespoke designs available


† Height can be reduced to suit customers’ requirements
* Based on 300mm sump. If a non-standard invert level is required, please specify when ordering
^ Lightweight catchpits (available on request)
** Maximum weight of a solid, full height unit with no holes
⁺ Based on a standard catchpit only. If larger pipe sizes are required, please contact FP McCann