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Security Walling

  • FP McCann Precast Concrete Construction Security Solutions
FP McCann, Security Solutions


Prestressed concrete panels for perimeter and security walling designed in accordance with BS5502. Panels are provided on a supply only basis whilst conforming to all relevant standards and regulations.

Key Features and Benefits of Sucurity Walling:

  • Strong and Durable Vertical Cantilever panel

  • Provides a smooth non-scalable face

  • Panels can be supplied up to 10metres high

  • Panels are erected in their own foundation and are freestanding


By definition security walling need to offer a strong and impenetrable solution where a site needs to be maintained against risk of attack. FP McCann offers a highly resistant and durable Vertical Cantilever panel at either 160mm or 200mm thick. The Vertical Cantilever panels are installed using cradles and are cast into a new foundation making them a permanent solution to a secure environment. The panels have tongue and groove edges making them even more secure when installed.

FP McCann manufacture all of their panels in controlled factory conditions allowing complete control over products and ensuring that we can deliver readymade units to site when required, enabling rapid installation and eliminating wet trades and offering rapid security during the build.