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Cover & Landing Slabs

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FP McCann Cover & Landing Slabs

Cover and Landing Slabs

Reinforced cover and landing slabs are an integral part of FP McCann’s tunnels and shafts product range, manufactured at the company’s specialist precast concrete facility. Both cover and landing slabs are cast to design specifications and made to order for just-in-time delivery. On site, the slabs can be quickly installed and provide an integral secure shaft cover or internal landing.


Cover and landing slabs are generally circular to match the FP McCann range of smoothbore shaft segments and other segmental linings. They are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4+ sections. The standard range of sizes are highlighted opposite. A bespoke design facility is available for non-standard shapes and sizes.

Mix and Reinforcement

Slab sections are wet cast in fabricated steel moulds and are steel cage reinforced. The concrete mix design is to a standard characteristic strength of 55N/mm2 at 28 days. Alternative mixes are available.

Design Features

Design and detailing can be undertaken by FP McCann to our customers’ design specification. Reinforced cover slabs are generally designed to withstand loads in accordance with the recommendations of relevant British Standards (e.g. BS EN 1990 and BD37/01, usually adopting 30HB loading or Eurocodes with appropriate load models, in conjunction with relevant overburden). Landing slabs are designed for an imposed loading of 5kN/m2.

Lifting and Handling

Depending on lifting requirements on site, FP McCann is able to supply fitted lifting loops or cast-in sockets and spherical head lifting anchors.

Quality Standards

Shaft cover slabs and landing slabs are manufactured in accordance with FP McCann’s quality management system, BSI accredited to ISO 9001.

Key Features and Benefits

• No formwork or ready mixed concrete required
• Simple jointing system
• Speedy installation
• Bespoke design and casting service
• Technical advice and support