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Secure Accommodation - Modular Building Solutions

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FP McCann's crosswall system of constructing multi-unit accommodation has been used extensively in prison construction over the last fifteen years.

The advantages of the precast concrete Modular Building system are many when compared with other forms of construction and in particular with insitu concrete. Door frames, window grills, electric conduits and boxes are all cast within the concrete wall and floor units.

The speed of construction allows all follow-on trades to commence work almost simultaneously without one waiting for another. Roof cladding, windows, brickwork, services, decoration and fit-out sub-contractors all work together to drastically reduce the time required to complete the final construction.

With FP McCann's vast experience of manufacturing prisons and the benefits of precast concrete including robustness of structure, the obvious security benefits which together produce a relatively maintenance free structure with good fire resistance, acoustics and longevity, all equate to the ideal solution for any custodial project. 

We can ensure that a fully co-ordinated design solution can be achieved to meet any criteria.