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Standard Concrete Pipes

  • FP McCann Precast Concrete Easi Slide Pipes
FP McCann Easi-Slide Pipes


Note: All junctions are to be fitted on their side. Junctions are not designed for vertical surface compaction.


Fastfits Available 150mm Super sleeve made to order









DN1800 to DN2400 pipes are designed and manufactured to incorporate FP McCann’s jointing and lifting systems.



To lift the pipes, select the two short legs A and B on the chain set. Place the spherical coupling over the cast-in anchor and engage by turning the tail of the head link down to the concrete. The pipe can then be lifted as normal.

Never pass slings or other lifting appliances through the barrel and never lift more than one pipe at a time.
Ensure pipe sockets and spigots are not damaged. Ensure that integral seals are not damaged and apply the approved lubricant. For pipes without an integral seal, ensure the seal is of the correct size and is not damaged. Position the rubber ring on the end of the spigot. Under no circumstances use lubricants when using seals of this type, as they are pre-lubricated internally.
Ensure each pipe to be laid is aligned with the laid pipeline and is fully supported along its length. Recommended method of joining pipes is shown below.
To joint the pipe using the chain system, attach the long leg A and the short leg B to the already laid pipe C. Take up the slack in the chains with the lifting pulley over the anchor of the laid pipe, and increase the upward force to joint the pipes. When jointed, ensure that there is no excessive slew or misalignment, this can easily be checked by reference to the joint gap.
All dimensions are in mm.
1. Weights in kg are based on a concrete density of 2500kg/m3.
2. Where relevant, pipes are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1916.
3. Normal practice is to determine left or right branch laterals to the main line by looking up the flow i.e. from the socket end.
4. Right hand or left hand junctions (viewed socket to spigot) should be specified when ordering reduced junctions in pipe diameters DN1350 and above.
5. Lifting chains are not suitable for joining purposes in pipes of diameter DN2400. Joint in the traditional method.
6. Do not install vertical junctions.
7. In-wall pipes do not require lubrication.