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Plastic Encapsulated Ladders & Rungs

  •  FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage Plastic Encapsulated Ladders
FP McCann Plastic Encapsulated Ladders & Rungs


A system that gives the user benefits of a durable plastic encapsulated ladder without the need to specify an exact length or fit on site. In addition a single specification can be used for all depths of access.
Product Specifications
BS 1247: 2: 1990 Plastic Encapsulated Steps
WIS 4-33-01: 1990 Polypropylene Encapsulated Steps
Concrete manholes and inspection chambers.
Renovation of existing structures.
High Impact Virgin Polypropylene copolymer plastic, yellow as high standard colour. If the ladder is to be subject to prolonged exposure to daylight then black or uv stabilised material should be specified. Structural steel reinforcement as standard.
Pull out load: 7.5kN minimum when fitted in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
Deflection under load: 5mm maximum at 2.5kN
Permanent Set: 0 mm at 2.5kNImpact: 20kg weight from 1metre, no cracking.
Chemical Resistance: At least pH2 to 12
Integrity of plastic: 2M ohm at 500 volts DC
Thickness of plastic: 3mm minimum
Minimum cross section: 25mm diameter
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Visibility
  • No Sharp Edges
  • Eliminates need to specify exact length or fit on site.
  • Steel reinforcement gives predictable deflection under load without causing brittle failure.
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