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House Inspection Chambers

  •  FP McCann-Precast-Concrete-Underground-Drainage-House-Inspection-Chambers
FP McCann’s precast concrete inspection chambers are available in four common sizes: 600 x 450, 750 x 600, 1000 x 675 and 1200 x 750mm. Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1917 / BS5911, each section has a tongue and groove joint and can be sealed with a sand and cement mortar or bitumen sealant, in the same fashion as a circular manhole and chamber ring.
To complete the chamber, FP McCann has a range of covers and ground level components. FP McCann’s frame (also known as a surround) and lid combination is designed to sit flush with the top course, such as tarmac or concrete surfacing or in grassy areas.
The lid itself features an anti-slip chequered finish and recessed lifting points to allow removal from the frame by use of standard lifting eyes.



NOTE: For HIC’s placed in depths greater than 1.5m, we recommend the use of a concrete surround.