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Handhold Entry Pole System

  • FP McCann-Precas-Concrete-Drainage-Handhold-and-Entry-System
FP McCann, Handhold Entry Pole Systems
The handhold entry pole system is suitable for aiding maintenance engineers in the initial entry into a manhole from the surface level.
Once fitted, the entry pole is a permanent fitting in the manhole which is stored in the lowered position beneath the level of the cover. When required, the entry pole can be easily extended by simply hooking the easy to reach loop located at the top of the pole, pulling the handle upwards and twist locking into position.
The handhold then provides a stable support to aid the entrance of the manhole as well as a clear visual indication of the location of the manhole when open. This helps prevent injury of other people in the area. Once the engineer has used the entry pole to aid their return to the surface, the pole is simply twisted to unlock it from the raised position and lowered back into the manhole ready for the next time it is needed.
The handhold has a pole length of 1200mm and can be assembled to give three different distances from the pole to the wall. This is designed to accommodate different cover positions.
  • Helps the user find the first step safely.
  • Creates visual aid to indicate location of manhole to other people in the area.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Easy to raise and lower.
  • High strength for ultimate safety.
  • Low cost
  • Can be fitted to any Caswick step
  • Two projections for round or flat walled manholes

FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage Handhold and Entry Pole System