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Integral Sealing System

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FP McCann, Integral Sealing System
FP McCann supply an extensive range of precast concrete flexible jointed pipes from DN 225 to DN 2100 including bends, junctions and fittings.
FP McCann flexible jointed pipes are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN1916:2002/BS 5911-1:2002 and kitemarked accordingly. By utilising high frequency vibration techniques this produces a dense concrete of high strength and durability.
Benefits include: 
  • Cast in Seal
  • Self Aligning
  • Faster and Easier Jointing
FP McCann manufacture products to Class 4 sulphate resistance, in accordance with the recommendations of BRE Digest 363 (January 1996) and BS5328 Part 1: 1997.
Both documents specify the use of either a mix containing Sulphate Resistant Cement to BS 4027, which provides Class 5 sulphate resistance or a blended mix with CEM I to BS EN 197-1/minimum 25% Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) to BS 3892, to provide Class 4 sulphate resistance. The additional requirements, i.e. Maximum water/cement ratio and minimum cement content required, are also provided for within the Product Standards, i.e. BS EN 1916:2002 for the manufacture and testing of precast concrete pipes.
Widely used throughout Europe, the Glipp system is designed to improve joint performance, whilst making life easier for ‘the man in the trench’.
  • Reliable Joints
  • Watertight Joints
  • Simplified Jointing
  • Long, Reliable Service Life
The Integral Sealing System is a system in which the seal forms an integrated part of the pipe joint. The position of the sealing ring is fixed in the socket, which guarantees watertight and secure pipe joints.
FP McCann Drainage Easi Flex glipp sealing system
The Integral Sealing System is a sliding joint. This requires the application of FP McCann lubricant to the spigot prior to assembly. Sliding joints have an advantage that, if sand, gravel or clay stick on the spigot, they are easily wiped off the sealing surface during assembly. The Cast-in protective strip ensures the seal is in the correct position during manufacture.
The Protective Strip also ensures that the pipe socket is ‘clean’ and free from dirt, stones and mud etc prior to jointing. The Protective Strip is made of a non-toxic cellular plastic material. Details are available upon request.

FP McCann Drainage Easi Flex glipp sealing system  FP McCann Drainage Easi Flex glipp sealing system