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Integral Rubber Seal

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FP McCann, Integral Rubber Seal
FP McCann now provide a new type of integral seal for their precast concrete pipes.
This new integrated seal is a simple, one-piece rubber compression connector which is embedded in the concrete when the pipe is cast. The seal is compressed between the pipe and the concrete, creating a flexible watertight seal.
Benefits include:
  • Integrally cast into the structure when the concrete is poured
  • Environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for the polystyrene strip
  • Reduction in waste on site
  • Almost zero push back
  • Requires low insertion force
  • Durable seal, not weather sensitive, over 100 years shelf life
  • The seal complies with all relevant European standards, including EN 681-1, ISO 90001 and QR 4060
  • No clamps required to tighten or forget
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Less time in the excavation
  • Durable, reusable casting forms
  • Durable synthetic EPDM rubber seal
  • Seal is cast accurately and stable at the precast factory
  • Cast accurately at the precast factory to create a stable seal
  • Clean, high quality sockets
  • No cavities or steps in joints
  • Ideal for use with mechanical laying techniques such as pipelifter
  • Pipes arrive at site ready to be connected after applying recommended lubricant
  • Pipes may be backfilled immediately


FP McCann's Integral Rubber Seal


Important Jointing Information

The integral pipe-seal jointing system used in FP McCann’s drainage products requires the use of a FP McCann proprietary lubricant, which can be supplied with all pipeline orders from us. Failure to use the proprietary lubricant in accordance with the instructions provided by the pipe-seal manufacturer / FP McCann, may give rise to problems with pipe jointing and seal performance and invalidate any warranty, implied or otherwise. FP McCann accepts no responsibility whatsoever for problems or loss of performance arising from any such failure.