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Silage Panels

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Sliage Storage With Prestressed Concrete Horizontial Panels
One of the most enduring panels FP McCann produce is that which is used for storing silage.
FP McCann recommend a variety of panels for silage and can tailor the products depending on your individual requirements. Silage panels are made from high quality pre-stressed concrete designed in accordance with BS5502. As an alternative to prestressed panels FP McCann can supply precast L-Wall units that are Eurocode compliant.
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Prestressed concrete panels for maximum strength
  • 3 equally reliable product options available; each with their own added benefits
  • Tongue and groove joints for easy alignment and sealing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Vertical panels are an effective way of constructing a permanent bunker. Generally double loading panels are available for dividing walls
  • Double loading panels are also available for dividing walls
Horizontal panels are ideal for use, supported against columns of a building, or within the flanges of stub columns of an open bunker. The stub columns may be designed to allow the later addition of a roof to cover the silo, or form a building to the outside. Panels are provided on a supply only basis conforming to all relevant standards and regulations.
Precast L-Wall units are an effective solution for silage clamps and are produced in heights from 1m up to 3.75m. They can be loaded one side or both sides and can be placed in bays either sitting near existing walls or using corner units using a complete L-Wall system. Once again there is no steel required for this option adding an even greater advantage.