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Materials Recycling Facilites, Bude

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Project Details:
Client:      Sita UK 
Date:        2007
Product:  Vertical Cantilever Panels

FP McCann manufactured and supplied 160mm thick prestressed Vertical Cantilever Panels. The panels feature acombined strength and thickness which enables them to withstand the impact from loading shovelsused in MRF’s. FP McCann supplied bespoke sized panels for installation at the civic amenity site in Bude.

These were designed to ensure that rubbish could not become lodged between the walling and skips once in place. The system is particularly effective on new sites as the interlocking concrete panels offer a clean vertical wall on both sides and a level floor right up to the base of the walls which prevents material from getting trapped in spaces between the units and allows heavy machinery to get very close.