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Flood Defence

  • FP McCann Precast Concrete Construction Flood Defence Solutions
FP McCann, Flood Defence Solutions
FP McCann's prestressed concrete panels provide maximum strength against the elements, making them ideal for flood defence schemes. With the ever more frequent occurrence of flooding, FP McCann concrete panels can be installed to create a barrier against rising water levels. The panels interlock with tongue and groove joints allowing for easy alignment and sealing.
The simplicity of our factory controlled off site manufacturing process makes for quick, reliable installation and a high performance solution for flood defence schemes.

Key Features and Benefits of Flood Defence:

  • Strong durable panels
  • Tongue and Groove edges for easy alignment and sealing
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Alternative panel sizes to suit most job types
FP McCann panels offer maximum strength against the elements making them ideal for flood defence and the tongue and groove edges make them easy to align and seal giving added security against rising water levels. There are different options available for finish and panel type as well as flexible foundation solution. All jobs will be considered and made to your required specification while maintaining our high standards.