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Fish Feed Store, Port of Grangemouth

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FP McCann have installed their unique rocket wall bays at The Port of Grangemouth – owned by Forth Ports – to ensure the storage of high quality, high performance fish feed in their warehouse on the dockside as part of a long-term agreement signed between Forth Ports and Biomar UK.

Biomar, who manufacture and store product at the port supply the high quality feed to leading retailers’ fish farms including Marks & Spencer.

FP McCann’s patented rocket wall units allow for the storage of a greater amount of material in the same floor space and can be installed rapidly to form storage bunkers and bays. The unit’s unique, inverted ‘Y’ profile means that there is no ‘toe’ for a loading shovel to hit preventing the lodging of stored material – this is particularly important when storing animal feed compounds that might otherwise go off, attract rodents, mould and other infestations which would spoil any freshly stored product. Due to the unique design of the rocket wall, more units can be loaded for transportation necessitating fewer deliveries to site which was important on this project.

Derek Knox, Port Manager, Port of Grangemouth said 
“It is important to our customers that we provide the highest quality warehousing facilities and we chose FP McCann's rocket wall for our specialist fish feed storage unit at the port. Our customer Biomar, is delighted with the rocket wall installation as they need their feed product to be stored well and handled efficiently.”

John Stothard, Managing Director, Bell & Webster Concrete said,
“ We are delighted to have supplied our rocket walls for The Port of Grangemouth. As expected they were installed rapidly and the whole project went smoothly. It has been a pleasure to manufacture and supply such a versatile, high quality solution for the storage of the fish feed and we are, of course, thrilled that ourrocket wall have delivered expectations from the start.”

Currently Biomar rent 100,000 sq.ft. of warehousing in Grangemouth and 40,000 sq.ft of this has now been converted into bulk storage using rocket wall