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Below Ground Structure

  •  FP McCann Precast Concrete Construction Below Ground Structure Solutions
FP McCann, Below Ground Structure


FP McCann manufactures Vertical Cantilever panels suitable for below ground structures which require a dry environment retaining earth and supporting the building above such as residential basements, underground car parks, storm water attenuation tanks and agricultural slurry stores.
Key Features and Benefits of Vertical Cantilever panels:
  • No exposed metal avoids corrosion and contamination
  • Tongue and Groove edges ensures easy to seal and water resistant
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Tank dimensions to suit individual requirements
  • Off site production reduces installation time
Vertical Cantilever panels are recommended for use in building below ground structures such as basements. The prestressed panels can tolerate specified design loads when required, allowing for a versatile option to suit individual requirements. There are various panel options available for this application depending on the size and depth of the structure.