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Concrete Exposed

  • FP-McCann-Exposed-Concrete-Ready-Mix
FP McCann’s is an exposed aggregate concrete that combines the beauty of natural coloured aggregate with the strength and durability of readymix concrete. It can be used in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications with a number of different styles available.



 is available in a broad pallet of colours and is ideal in many scenarios including:

  • Domestic driveways
  • Patios and pathways
  • Pavements and footpaths
  • Public spaces and commercial areas



offers many benefits over traditional surfacing options:

  • Aesthetic appearance - utilises the beauty of natural aggregate to achieve a highly decorative effect
  • Choice - lots of colours and textures to choose from, which allows you to customise your look
  • Durability - as the product is concrete, it is extremely hardwearing and is designed to withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions without sinking or heaving
  • Low maintenance - prohibits the development of weeds and moss, so is easy to keep clean. Tyre marks are not visible due to the coloured stones, allowing stains to be hidden
  • Safety - more slip resistant than brushed/floated concrete, which means that cars are unlikely to slide on the surface, even when it is wet. Laid as a continuous surface, minimises the likelihood of trip hazards
  • Minimum joints except for expansion joints
  • No weeds/moss within joints (paving)
  • No sealing of finished product
  • Long life with minimum after care
  • Fuel resistance
  • Suitable for areas with restricted access
  • Internal or external uses