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Columns & Balconies

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FP McCann offers a range of precast concrete columns and balconies to suit all specifications. All of our products are designed and manufactured to meet client requirements, including additional features and fittings, if required.


Balconies are attached at height giving the benefit of providing extra outside space and, at the same time, creating a visual feature to a façade. 



Key Benefits of Balconies

  • Balconies can be erected with floor units prior to pouring of screed
  • Balconies can be manufactured to suit any architectural and/or structural design 
  • Time saved on-site 
  • Designed and manufactured off-site ensures consistent quality and lower construction costs
  • Cold bridging can be overcome by incorporating an insulated balcony connector (thermal break) as part of the balcony connecting kit



Key Benefits of Columns

  • Precast columns can be circular, square, rectangular or oval. A range of standard columns are available 
  • Precast concrete columns may be single or double storey height 
  • Connections may be made via a base plate to the column or by reinforcing bars projecting from the cast, or set into a preformed hole in a foundation block and grouted into position