FP McCann’s Box Culverts specified on Exmouth Housing Development

For Taylor Wimpey/ Clinton Devon Estates

12th November 2018
Precast concrete box culverts from FP McCann are being installed as a major element of the drainage network on Plumb Park in Exmouth, Devon, a brand new housing site being constructed by Taylor Wimpey.
  • Status In Progress
  • Location Exmouth
  • Division Box Culverts
  • Main Contractor MJL Ltd.
  • Market Sector Housing

Once complete, some 265 new homes will initially occupy the development.

Integral to the site is the surface drainage and associated below ground stormwater management. Helston based groundworks and civil engineering contractor, MJL Ltd is installing the site’s drainage system which comprises five runs of box culvert sections all interconnected by pipes to form the large on-line network.

In total, 81 individual precast concrete box culvert units weighing a combined 890 tonnes have been supplied from FP McCann’s Byley manufacturing depot with the design team in Weston Underwood working closely with the drainage consulting engineers and MJL to ensure correct detailing of the bespoke culvert project. Each unit has been cast with a 1 in 4 benching and a 225mm diameter integral dry weather flow channel to maintain water velocities.

59 no. of the box culvert sections measure 1.8m wide x 1.8m high x 2.0m long and 19 no. measure 2.4m wide x 1.8m high x 2.0m long. In addition, three box sump units complete the culvert design. The total storage capacity of the below-ground system is around 500 cubic metres. Each of the culvert run end units has a cast on end wall; access points and pipe openings for inlet/outlet flows, together with link pipes for cross flows between chambers have been built into the system.

Commenting on the box culvert drainage system, Marvin Lee, Site Manager for MJL says, “To install such a large storm attenuation tank in any other material than precast concrete, would be both costly and impractical. Precast concrete is a durable, long-life option that requires little to no maintenance in this type of drainage management scheme. The FP McCann teams at both Weston Underwood and Byley have worked closely with MJL site personnel to ensure the accurate detailing on the special precast units for this bespoke drainage project, enabling us to quickly install the system in a safe and efficient manner.”

FP McCann’s Box Culverts Manager, Alex Kirkham adds, “By employing the most advanced in-house design and manufacturing technologies, this specialist precast concrete box culvert scheme once again highlights our unequalled capabilities in the UK.”

For further information on FP McCann’s box culvert solutions, contact the team at Weston Underwood on 01335 361269 or email sales@fpmccann.co.uk.

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