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Architectural Solutions

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Offering a personalised approach to creating your concrete ideas.
Precast concrete is the perfect material to link the practical with the desirable. The technical benefits and aesthetic possibilities appeal to both clients and designers alike.
FP McCann offers all forms of architectural precast components, whether as structural load-bearing members, built as part of the primary frame, such as a external sandwich panel or structural columns, or as a decorative cladding element to the facades, like spandrels, mullions or fully storey high panels. Precast concrete is ideal as a cladding material, especially where complex geometry on the facades have to be achieved, access is restricted, or the project programme demands fast on-site construction. Our in-house design and technical department provides reassurance that the structural and aesthetical requirements of your scheme are met. In order to achieve the best solution and to ensure the most costeffective approach, we recommend contacting us at an early stage on your project, so that we can provide the maximum technical input.
Key Advantages
  • Precast concrete can be provided in a variety of colours and finishes, utilising a large choice of aggregates and pigments
  • Architectural concrete can be both structural load-bearing or non-structural such as cladding. All of our architectural projects are designed and manufactured in a completely bespoke manner
  • Concrete is durable, strong and resistant to impact. It also has excellent fire-resistant and acoustic properties
  • Designed and manufactured off-site ensures consistent quality and lower construction costs
  • Units can be manufactured to suit different building structures
  • Brick, stone or tile faced units can be supplied fully pointed

Standard Solutions

Bespoke fixing solutions can be designed to suit your project needs.
Please contact James Donington on 07711 389421 or by email to discuss your individual requirements.


For architectural enquiries, contact our London depot on 020 3905 7640.


Fully pointed with windows built-in

Illustration above shows a large brick-faced panel, pre-glazed at our works.


Façade panels

Illustration above shows facade panel which can be tied back to either a concrete frame or steel.

Textured/pattern imprinted cladding panels