Research & Development

At FP McCann, we believe that continuous research and development of new products is the key to success in any industry. Our main emphasis consists of researching and developing new products that will exceed the limits of today’s prevailing standards.

Throughout our twelve manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom, we are using the most up-to-date technologies to produce new and innovative products. In addition to our Precast product line, we are also always trying to develop our range of quality services including Construction, Ready Mix Concrete solutions, Surfacing and Housing Developments.

Being at the forefront of the precast industry in the United Kingdom, we feel that our role is to constantly develop innovative solutions that solve engineering and architectural problems, reduce labour, material costs, and help to sustain the environment. With our proactive approach on educating stakeholders associated with pipe jacking, tunnels, flooring and building to name a few, we are helping to grow the precast concrete market and make precast concrete the solution for the future.

Stronger Through Investment

FP McCann has firmly established itself as a leading UK supplier of precast fencing products. Recent capital investment in manufacturing capabilities, notably £2.5 million in new production lines and associated state-of-the-art automated stacking and palletising robotics, has taken the business to the next level. Through this FP McCann has increased production by 30% and other major benefits include significant improvements in the finished product quality and a reduction in the requirement for on-site manual handling.

Latest Product Development

Our precast Stormstore™ Waste Water Management Modular Tank System has been developed to suit a wide range of construction projects and drainage schemes. Recent studies have shown how the UK is being increasingly affected by global warming with Atlantic storms causing widespread flooding. The main reason why floods are happening across the globe is due to drainage systems not being able to cope with the increasing amount of rainfall resulting in water being discharged at large rates. The FP McCann WRc approved 100 year design life Stormstore™ Modular Tank System has been designed to combat this and can be customised to suit all requirements. The Stormstore™ Modular Tank System can be used for several solutions including detention, retention, infiltration, harvesting and treatment of water.