Title: Environmental Revitalisation scheme at Alleyways East/West of Broad Street, Magherafelt

Location: Alleyways East/West of Broad Street, Magherafelt

Client: Mid Ulster District Council

The Contract is for the provision of operations associated with a proposed Revitalisation Improvement scheme located at the alleyways east and west of Broad Street, Magherafelt. The alleyways provide pedestrian linkages from Union Road Car Park and bus station and central Car Park.

The proposed works include the following elements;

  • Proposal to resurface section of pedestrian pathways to add to the visual appearance of the alleyways
  • Repair existing boundary walls, and improve visual appearance through graphics and painting
  • Provision of  planters, bollards and railings to improve visual appearance
  • Upgrade existing site lighting to reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Replacement of existing street furniture to include new bespoke feature seating
  • Decorative art pieces to enhance the alley experience

We particularly welcome interest from local sub-contractors and suppliers. Please contact FP McCann on 028 7964 2558.