FP McCann has once again been recognised for its innovative use of the design engineering software package Tekla Structures by being shortlisted for the 2018 Global Tekla BIM Awards to be presented later this Autumn. The shortlisted Daventry project Dirft 3 – Plot 1 dock leveller pit system won the industrial category at Trimble’s UK Tekla Awards in 2017.

The entries submitted under the Industrial category were judged on complexity, attention to detail, disciplines used, innovation, impressiveness of structure and the amount of Tekla software used. The dock leveller pit system was supplied from FP McCann’s state-of-the-art production facility in Byley Cheshire and installed by the FP McCann specialist fitting team. Each dock leveller ramp is fully supported by a precast concrete dock leveller pit. The precast concrete pits are formed from a combination of perimeter retaining walls, yard retaining walls and biscuit slabs. These panels form a continuous precast structure for multiple pit installations.

Managing director at Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd, Richard Fletcher said: “This model scored highly for its attention to detail. The concrete elements showed all embedment and reinforcement to drive fabrication, which is why it has been shortlisted for the 2018 Global Tekla BIM Awards.”

Colin MacKenzie, Senior Technician at FP McCann said: “We are absolutely delighted to now be shortlisted for the prestigious Global Awards. This provides us with a further opportunity to showcase our design and build capabilities to a wider audience. Tekla software is the most advanced engineering software out there for BIM and we are using it more and more on our projects.”

The Tekla Awards focus on projects of all shapes and sizes, which have used Trimble’s Tekla Structures as part of the process for designing and modelling projects.