FP McCann has supplied Gabion baskets and Ennis Stone to The Seamus Heaney HomePlace in Bellaghy as part of the new Sensory Garden.  The Sensory Garden has been created as a valuable resource for a wide range of recreational and educational purposes.

As well as being used recreationally, the garden will provide a space for extending the already existing HomePlace Educational Programme which uses the poetry of Seamus Heaney as a tool for learning for primary and post-primary pupils. Some features within the garden that have sensory qualities include; signs with Braille, interactive pens that recite poetry, a fully functioning water well, plants and flowers.

The Ennis Stone provided a unique, timeless and decorative finish to the external walls. The Gabion baskets were used as a decorative method of breaking up the plant beds whilst their external finish also added to the sensory aspect of the garden.

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