B49, Church Street, Claudy

Department for Infrastructure

The existing 5 span masonry arch bridge over the River Faughan was damaged during a flash flooding event on 22nd August 2017. The bridge is to be repaired, reconstructed and widened 3m on the downstream side.

The main goal of the project is to return the bridge structure to its original carriageway loading and hydraulic capacities whilst maintaining the historical aesthetic appearance. The opportunity is being taken to widen the bridge to improve both carriageway and footway widths and as a consequence make it safer for pedestrians and motorists.

Works include all design and construction of the following:

  • Assessment of the condition of the existing bridge foundations
  • Repairs to the river bed and foundations and replacement of the apron
  • Temporary works to support 2 no. arches and associated piers
  • Temporary cofferdam works to control river flow
  • Demolition of partially collapsed spans, piers and foundations
  • Piling works to all new foundations
  • Construction of concrete pier foundations
  • Construction of retaining walls
  • Construction of concrete sills, pier sills, arch units and spandrel walls
  • Backfilling of new bridge structure
  • Service diversions
  • Repointing and repairs to remaining masonry structures
  • Parapet wall construction and stone cladding
  • Kerbing and surfacing
  • Demolition and removal of temporary footbridge and excavation of imported material
  • Accommodation works and landscaping

We particularly welcome interest from local sub-contractors and suppliers.

Please contract FP McCann on 028 7964 2558.