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  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Drainage-Headwall-Lifted-for-Installation
  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Drainage-Headwall-Lifted-for-Installation
  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Drainage-Headwall
FP McCann manufactures a range of Headwalls designed to connect pipe work discharging into open watercourses. Headwalls help to protect and locate the pipe outfall in addition to minimizing erosion at the discharge location. 
FP McCann Headwalls accommodate concrete, clay and plastic pipe with sizes ranging from DN150mm to DN1500mm. Bespoke hole sizes and configurations are available within our headwall product range.

Benefits of Headwalls

  • Prefabricated off-site
  • Speedy and efficient to install
  • Durable, long lasting and low maintenance
  • No on-site shuttering or formwork required
  • Provides immediate stability and prevents soil erosion
  • Valve and safety accessories available
  • Cost effective solution
  • Significantly reduces the potential for floating debris to block the watercourse.
  • Complete with 2 or 3 lifting hooks
  • Flap values and grids available




FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage Products XL Headwalls

XL Headwall

Key Site Safety Benefits of Headwalls

In often unstable watercourse embankments, precast concrete headwalls eliminate the need for shuttered formwork together with the use of ready mixed concrete. Precast concrete headwalls from FP McCann provide an ideal end connection point to outfall pipes into open watercourses such as rivers, balancing ponds and culverts and collection. They are a very efficient alternative to intrusive shuttering of soil embankments and costly on-site formwork with ready mixed concrete making them particularly suitable for use in hard to reach locations and in environmentally sensitive areas.
Where time constraints exist such as in tidal flow situations, concrete headwalls can be quickly positioned, secured and backfilled, providing immediate stability around the point of water discharge.
Standard FP McCann headwalls can accommodate pipe sizes from DN150 to DN2100. Additionally, accessories such as flap valves, penstocks, silt traps, handrails and safety grating, can be built in as part of the specification.
FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage Headwall Dimensions
*Extra Large Headwalls are manufactured in 2 parts, dimensions provided represent completed unit. weir walls and other special finishes can be added to any of the headwalls as part of a bespoke design package. headwalls are available with handrails and precast steps. 
Silt Traps
Silt traps are available from FP McCann with the standard range accommodating pipe diameters 0150mm to 0750mm. Silt traps have a 3 point lifting system incorporated. FP McCann supply all products with lifters at no additional cost. Invert levels are variable subject to customer requirement.