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Precast Lintels & Soffits

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Recessed openings and deep reveals have become increasingly popular design features, creating depth within an elevation and giving additional visual flare to a facade. These areas have been percieved as difficult to treat - until now.
Precast concrete with bonded brickwork is often used as a cladding material, especially in feature areas that, at times, can be perceived as difficult or complex to treat. Features may range from the more traditional flat gauged arch to a contemporary stretcher bond lintel or deep brickwork returned soffits which give extra depth to an opening.
FP McCann’s brick support solutions provide structural reassurance that meet the required aesthetics, yet gives the impression of unsupported brickwork whether its a bearing lintel or a supported soffit.
Precast concrete brick-faced lintels provide an excellent robust masonry support solution around door and window openings, whilst maintaining the effect of brick bonding throughout a façade.
Most brick and masonry types, bond patterns and styles can be catered for.
Brick-faced lintels are structural bearing units
that add stability to the masonry around an
Key Advantages 
  • Using a brickwork support angle, brick-faced soffits/underslung units can be supplied in small component lengths, giving the appearance of a continuous span over an opening
  • Components can be pointed on-site to ensure mortar colour consistency with the surrounding brickwork
  • Designed and manufactured off-site ensures consistent quality and lower construction costs
  • Units can be manufactured to suit difference brick dims and bond patterns
  • Brick-faced lintels do not interupt the brickwork aesthetics

Standard Solutions