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Rainwater Harvesting Chambers

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FP McCann, Rainwater Harvesting Chambers


FP McCann has developed Easi-Rain, a domestic and commercial rainwater harvesting tank system designed to reduce demands on the mains network by providing a sustainable water collection and distribution system ideal for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing, washing and landscape or garden watering. Typically, up to 50 litres a day per person of waste water can be saved in an average domestic household.


FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage House Inspection Chamber
Easi-Rain also helps ease the growing pressure on the UK’s water infrastructure by capturing water run-off thereby reducing flood risk in an already overloaded drainage network. The controlled management of rainwater run-off is key to the Environment Agency’s SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions) directive. Future domestic, commercial and industrial developments will be subject to planning guidelines that strongly feature SuDS initiatives. Easi-Rain is one sustainable solution in the water conservation challenge.
Easi-Rain is part of FP McCann’s Easi-Cast environmental range of waste water management products.
Easi-Rain Advantages and Environmental Benefits:
  • Cost effective re-use of a natural resource
  • Conservation of mains water supplies
  • Complies with SuDS directives
  • Unobtrusive (buried underground)
  • Speedy installation – No ready mixed concrete backfill required
  • Low maintenance
  • 120 year design life on concrete tank    
FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage House Inspection Chamber
The filtered rainwater is very soft and chlorine free, making it particularly suitable for fabric washing as well as other uses such as toilet flushing and external cleaning and irrigation. Easi-Rain harvesting tanks are available in 5 different capacities:-
Irrigation Only: 1200 litres & 1500 litres
Irrigation & Small/Medium Domestic: 3000 litres & 5000 litres
Irrigation & Large Domestic/Small Commercial: 7000 litres
FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage House Inspection Chamber Dimensions
Two top-up systems are available to allow for additional water to be added to the tank directly or via a fully automated header feeder, thus allowing for continuity of supply.
1. Easi-Rain Basic House - Alarmed top-up system. Pump in tank
2. Easi-Rain Maxi House - Fully automated top-up system.
Multi-stage pump located in control unit.
Easi-Rain System - Decision Chart

FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage House Inspection Chamber Descision Chart